Monday, October 1, 2012

Haunted Acres: New England's Most Exciting Haunt!

Have you heard of Haunted Acres yet? They are located at Liquid Planet in Candia and include 5 terrifying attractions: the Quarter Mile Nightmare Walk, Graveyard of the Damned, Maze from Hell, 3D Nuclear Accident House and Cell Block 13!

They do not recommend the attraction for children under 8, but what a fun way to spend an evening with your tween or teen who loves the thrill of the ghosts and goblins of Halloween! They open this Friday with a special $15 admission- after that you can get in for $25/ adult and $18 for children 12 and under.

There is also a great attraction for the children ages 2-10: A Kids Halloweenfest October 14 and 21. Trick or treat through woods filled with scarecrows and wizards, enter the Maze of Discovery to find friendly ghouls and goblins, without getting lost. It's only $15.00 per child, parents free! Admission price for Halloweenfest includes the following: Free Face Painting, Free Halloween Games, with prizes.

Although I will not be venturing to Haunted Acres as I am a complete wimp... they were nice enough to send me two sets of (2) tickets to give away to my readers!

All you need to do is go like their Facebook page, and then come back here to leave me a comment letting me know you did so. (You can like NH Mamas while you are on Facebook anyway... but that's not a requirement:-) If you would like an additional entry, please let your Facebook friends know about this giveaway and link to Haunted Acres Facebook page on your own. Leave me a separate comment on this post letting me know you shared with your friends.

I will use to draw 2 winners on Friday at 5p.m.- good luck!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Childhood obesity---yikes. It's an epidemic.

Just a few facts:

  • It has tripled over the last 30 years.
  • In 2008, more than 1/3 of children were considered obese. Can you imagine how much it is now?
  • Obesity is not just mean, it's dangerous. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Disease.
  • Yikes...see this link for more facts: CDC

So, what's the answer? Stick your kids on a treadmill? No! Let's think of FUN ways to get the Whole Family up and moving--TOGETHER!

Outside FUN

  • Hiking, Walking, and being outside--probably the most common forms of "exercise" you can think of.
  • Swimming--what about heading to your local indoor pool. Family game time meets the water.
  • Backyard: When was the last time you got a fierce game of kickball going? Got a basketball hoop? My son loves the game it.
  • Frisbee, Soccer, and Races in the back yard girls vs boys.
  • Walking to a this applies if you live near one . Have your kids bike and mom/dad walk or jog along side. And when you get there, don't just sit on a bench. Push the swings. Have you tried Monkey Bars lately--they are HARD!
  • Thought about running a race? So many 5 and 10Ks have a kids race before the adults get started. What an awesome way for the family to all achieve success.
  • Make an obstacle course in the back yard. Have fun racing through and around it together.
  • What are some fun adventures in your own town. B does such a good job of exploring with the kiddos. Old submarines, the SeaCoast Science Center, and lighthouses have already been found!
Inside Fun

  • When was the last time you went bowling? Doesn't seem like exercise, but it gets you up and moving. Plus many bowling alleys have 99 cent games.
  • Want to go the gym? Get in a quick workout while your kids play in the child care. Then grab your kids and head to the basketball court for kids vs parents.
  • Roller Skating
  • Ice Skating
  • Zumba special knew I was going to put that out there. Some studios will offer Mom and Me Zumba classes---dance the hour away!
  • Speaking of party in your home! Turn off the TV and turn ON the music. Party Rockers in the house.....
For Kids ONLY
  • Need an aftercare program? Check out Zumbatomic (yes for both boys and girls).
  • Gymnastics, Ballet, or any sport: Baseball, Swim, get the idea.
  • Having a friend over? Sure electronics are fun, but send them outside for Vitamin D and a game.
  • Send your kids outside. Little b will spend an hour playing fetch and chase with our's the little things!
*************In order for your kid to love being FIT, they will need to see their parents/family doing the same. We are the EXAMPLE!

Question of the day: What are some ways you like to stay FIT with the FAM?

(Thank you Cheryl, for today's post. This is a topic near and dear to both of our hearts.)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Giveaway!

I had mentioned when we reached 200 followers on the Facebook page that we would do a giveaway... and last night it happened!

And 3 wonderful businesses have stepped up to offer great prizes for our giveaway.

First off, the Seacoast Science Center is giving away a FAMILY MEMBERSHIP! Membership for 2 parents and their children for an entire year! The Seacoast Science Center has something for all ages, and there is always something new to see, do and learn. Whether you choose to explore on your own or participate in a visitor or group program, their naturalists are ready to guide you on your learning adventure! All of the Center's exhibits and programs are developed to appeal to a wide range of ages, backgrounds and learning styles. There is something for everyone. (Check back for a more detailed post on the Seacoast Science Center later.)

Next, Elisa from Storybook Session Photography has offered a FREE session. You can choose on-site for babies and children or in her studio for newborn babies through Kindergarteners. Not only is Elisa's photography simply gorgeous, she also offers something I have never seen: a Storybook Session DVD which is a fusion of your photos and video footage into a priceless storyline containing poetry, inspirational quotes, and a background of music.
You have to check out her sample to see what I am talking about.

And last, Itst Bitsy Thrifty has offered a VIP Pass to their Consignment Sale happening in Newington on March 30-April 1! You can save up to 70% off today's retail prices on great brand name items! Who doesn't love one stop shopping at great bargain prices??

Please keep an eye out as I will write some more in-depth blog posts on all of these wonderful businesses... but for now, LET'S GET THIS GIVEAWAY STARTED!

Entering will be easy... Please Like us all on Facebook:

And then you must share about the giveaway on your own Facebook page and you are done! Simply come back here and leave a comment that you completed your tasks and wait to see who wins ALL 3 PRIZES!

The drawing will happen via when NH Mamas Facebook fan page reaches 400 fans or by March 14... whichever comes first!

Good luck to all. Special thanks to Seacoast Science Center, Storybrook Sessions Photography and Itsy Bitsy Thrifty for providing such great prizes and thanks to all of you for following me on this adventure so far.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Perfect Homemade Playdough

I have played with my playdough recipe for years... and I think I finally have it! I have tried repeatedly with no cream of tartar- and it always comes out sticky and not quite right.

This recipe with the cream of tartar makes such a nice, smooth ball of dough. And it seems to stay soft as long as we keep in in plastic bowls or bags.

All you need is:

2 cups flour
2 cups water
4 teaspoons cream of tartar
2/3 cup salt
2 tablespoon vegetable oil
food coloring

This recipe makes a lot, but I like to do it that way so there is enough for all 3 children. Also, for the food coloring, I went to Market Basket and they actually had a "neon" set, which made the brightest, prettiest colors.

You simply add the flour, salt, cream of tartar to a large saucepan, mix in the oil and water. Put the pan on a low to medium heat and just keep stirring:

It will seem quite liquidy, but just keep stirring for a few minutes. It will soon start to form a ball and pull away from the sides of the pan:

You then know it is done and you can separate it into smaller balls and add your colors. You could add the color during the liquid cooking process if you want the whole batch to be one color, but we wanted a bunch of different colors, so we through on some rubber gloves and kneaded the color in after it was "cooked". And actually, the kids enjoyed making their own colors and mixing it themselves.

And there you have it, an afternoon of entertainment for a few kids:

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun Friday Roundup: February 25-26

First up, activities for this weekend around the state:
Saturday in Nashua, 9:00am-3:00pm, Family Fun Day. Crafts, photo booth, scavenger hunt, bouncy house, arcade, face painting, princesses and SO much more!

Winterfest this Saturday in Bristol... including winter games and a wildlife show by Granite State Zoo.

Saturday, Warner: Cabin Fever Reliever! Including wagon rides, refreshments and games.

The Winter Carnival at the Mountain View Grand ends tomorrow.

Hanover, Sunday February 26: Story Time and Marshmallow Roast — 11 am to 12 noon. Stories will be read to children ages 3-8 accompanied by their parents, by the fireplace in the main room of the Dartmouth Outing Club House. Roast marshmallows by the campfire, Skating - XC Skiing - Sledding / weather permitting.

This Saturday: Cranapalooza in North Conway at Cranmore. Face painting, a showing of Mosters, Inc., fireworks and so much more!

Amazing deals for families:
This deal ends any minute now: Up to 55% Off a Park Outing for Two or Four or One-Year Family Membership at Americas Stonehenge. (Buy these now for a great spring break or summertime hike!)

And the rest:
Check out NH Kids Consignment coming April 1st in Bedford.

Make sure to check your local library for free activities during February break. In Concord, the Public Library has some great activities scheduled for vaca week: 2/28, 2pm - Library Bingo. 2/29, 2pm - Crafts. 3/1, 2pm- Cars 2. AND 3/2 - Steve Blunt concert at 2pm in Auditorium!

Coming up Wednesday, February 29th, Smitty's is hosting a FREE Mommy and Me Wednesday. Megamind will be showing at 11:30 and 3:00pm.

Are French parents superior?

FREE kids camps Summer Expos coming up in March! Including a great, comprehensive list of summer camps all over the state.

A St. Patricks Day party being hosted at Cowabungas.

A great stranger danger quiz for your little ones.

Did you know that you can go tubing at Arrowhead recreation area in Claremont for only $8 per person... I think that is the best price in NH!

Children Museum of NH is hosting a great songwriting workshop next week for 8-11 year olds.

If you have kiddos in grades 2-5, be sure to register for the FREE Art Trailworks program scheduled for March 3rd at the Hopkinton Library, courtesy of the Little Nature Museum. Looks like great fun!

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Tubing at Great Glen Trails in Gorham

I had the pleasure of actually enjoying some snow last Friday. I had to drive up to Gorham to do it... but it was worth it.

I took my 6 year old up to try to snow tubing at Great Glen Trails. Great Glen is well know for their cross country skiing trail and snowshoeing, but everyone I told I was going tubing there said, "They do not have tubing."

Well, they do, but in all fairness it is not snow tubing like I am accustomed to on downhill ski mountains. It is more like sledding... it is a small hill and you have to pull your tube back up to the top.

But we had a blast. We were the only people on the hill, the weather was amazing, and the views from the base of Mt. Washington are simply breathtaking:

Because it is really just a sledding hill, I would not take my whole family and pay the $15 per person fee, but it was well worth taking my 6 year-old on the 2-for-1 Friday and paying $7.50 for each of us. I would say that it is perfect for 5-6 year-olds. It was just big enough for them to feel adventurous, but not so big that it was intimidating. I would even bring my 3 year old as I know she would love going down the big hill. And the tubes they provide are sturdy and deep enough to hold a child in securely. However, be aware, if your 3 year-old is anything like mine, you will be stuck pulling them back up the hill constantly as they might not like the trek up.

We will be back. I am really excited to try the SnowCoach that takes you 4.5 miles up Mt. Washington and then gives you a chance to snowshoe or ski the road back down. Or I would just simply like to snowshoe around those gorgeous trails and take in the sights.

The 2-for-1 Friday also covers Trail passes, SnowCoach, rentals…even the Trails Total Ticket! So, if you are headed that way, make it on a Friday and you will get a great deal and likely no big crowds to contend with.

(Thanks to my sister-in-law and niece for joining us and making such a great day of it. Family fun at it's finest with the mountains, sunshine, fresh air and laughs.)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

You do not need a license to be a mom.

The saga of Honey Boo Boo Child continues. If you are not familiar with Toddlers and Tiaras... well then, good for you. Although I can not see the show as we do not have cable, I do catch some news segments with the participants once in awhile. Today was this one... video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

I would love to reach through the computer screen and slap that "Mother" right across the face. (Well, not really, she could clearly kick my butt!) It's not eve entertainment to me, it's sad and sort of unbelievable. I know these parents exist, but to see them flaunting their poor parenting skills to the nation is so bizarre to me.

The mother feeds her daughter Mountain Dew and Red Bull and then says, "Normal parents give their kids this stuff every day..." Excuse me? I consider our family very normal, and I will go on the record as saying none of my children have ever had and sort of energy drink or Mountain Dew. And I venture to say that the majority of people that I surround myself could say the same about their own kids.

What do you think? Am I overreacting? Or is this mother a complete jackass for compromising her child's health and welfare for a sparkly crown?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Got the Workout Blahs?

Todays post is from our fitness contributor, Cheryl.

Got the Workout Blahs?

I did too, several years ago. I just couldn’t get motivated to run or face the weight room. Elliptical machine? Bike? No thanks. However, my mom friends were all going to the gym. Free childcare and a break from my toddler? Sign me up!

Soon after joining, I was introduced to a dance cardio class called Body Jam. That is another story in itself, but it was followed by an introduction to Zumba. And that was all it took. I was hooked. Easy dance moves, intense sweat and burning lots of calories. Women of all sizes and ages having fun and enjoying a workout for a full hour. I couldn’t believe the gym could be so much fun!

Fast forward to now and I am in my 3rd year of teaching Zumba classes. The friendships made, calories burned, and incredibly fun workout are irreplaceable. Zumba has even launched me into enjoying weight training and running. Who knew?!

If exercise has peaked your interest and you don’t know where to start, give Zumba a try. You can go to their website for a class near you!

There are well over 10,000 instructors and each with their own style. If you don’t jive with your first class, give it another chance or find a different instructor. I always tell my newbies, “Your first class is not enough. Anytime you try something new, you have to give it a second chance.” You will enjoy it so much more as you know what to expect.

A few words to leave you with (from my participants who had to describe Zumba in two words):
• Stress Relief
• Building Relationships
• Life Changing
• Booty Busting (she has dropped 10 pounds off that booty!) • Explosive, Fun
• Fabulous, Fun
Muy Caliente (very hot, for those who wonder)
• Dance Party
• Freeing, Fun
• Two is not enough.....

Need help finding a class? Find me on facebook and I will point you in the right direction!

Ditch the workout and Join the party!

(Editors note: This is Michele- I just wanted to let you know Cheryl has convinced me to try Zumba myself. I actually know quite a few moms who have tried it and love it. And it is so convenient. There are literally hundreds of classes offered in NH at all times and days. No excuses, you can find time, get out, and start to get fit. If you feel better (and better about yourself) you WILL be a better Mama.

I will report back next week and tell you what I think about Zumba- wish me luck!)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Great Handmade Valentines

I thought I would post some great Valentine printables nice and early. I found a lot of super cute Valentines for children and adults- unfortunately, Ariana's school does not let the kids give out Valentines (grrrr- please take every bit of fun out of school dear public school system), but I will give her a few for her close friends and neighbors.

Tip Junkie created an adorable Valentine to hold Smarties...

Motherhood Your Way has some great treat bag Valentines.

Thirty Handmade Days has some adorable handmade book markers:

I love these owl cards by Smitten Blogs Designs:

The Rubber Punkin has some very simple mini cards that might even be used in your honey buns lunchbox for a few days.
I love the simplicity of this card from The Long Thread:
If you like vintage, the RuffledBlog has a sweet Valentine:
Bunny Cakes has a great classroom Valentine that you can download for free or pay $3.50 to have her send you a personalized PDF:
She also has the greatest 'Love is All You Need' cards:
Ambrosia girl has some great Moulin Rouge-inspired cards:
Skip to My Lou has a great lollipop holder (do any schools allow that anymore?):
The NewNew Blog has a great printable for your own love-inspired Mad Libs book:
Secret Agent Josephine has some very simple cards for the youngest loves: I love these seed packets and tea gift packs from Tricia Rennea (I was in Lowes today and they already have their spring seeds out, so this is perfect!): Printing your own Valentines is a great way to keep things simple and reduce waste- simply print only what you need. It also gives your children the option to customize different sentiments for different friends.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fun Friday Roundup

First up, activities for this weekend around the state:
Zumba with Cheryl, in Portsmouth Saturday and Sunday at 10:15

Sunday, Check out D Acres in Dorchester, NH for a Farm Feast Breakfast and then cross country ski or snowshoe their open trains.

Candlelight snowshoeing every Saturday night at America's Stonehenge.

Today from 11-1pm in Salem- take your kids to the Kidgits Carnival.

Sunday from 10-4 in Manchester, go see the Reptile Expo!

See a performance of The Wild Swans in Plymouth all weekend. A wonderful show for young children.

Amazing deals for families:
A fantastic Playtime program for children ages 3 and under on the seacoast. SO affordable.

Did you know that you can bring report cards into Smitty's and children will get a $5 gift card for good grades!

Play has begun a family fitness membership which includes fitness classes for the parents with FREE babysitting!

$25 for a $50 gift card for Leda Lanes in Nashua.

5 visits to PLAY in Lee for $19.

In the North Country, you have until February 3rd to enter for this great giveaway from Mallory Party Photography.

And the rest:
Mark your family calendar - popular children's musician Steve Blunt returns to the Concord Public Library on Fri. 3/2, 2pm for a free family show.

Tuesday, January 31, The Stinky Cheese Man is performed at the Capitol Center for the Arts.

Some great fun for the kids pinned on my Pinterest.

Time to start planning for February break! Villaris Martial Arts has some great camps around the state.

Thursday, February 9, Girls Night Out in Concord.

Did you know that You're Fired in Bedford, Concord, Nashua and Salem offer ladies nights from 5-9 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Bring your wine and paint some nice pottery (make something nice for Valentines Day) and take a breather from the children.

PLAY! is offering our first family movie night on February 17th from 5pm to 7:30pm. Theme and movie to be will be a fun event for everyone, including, pizza, movie themed snacks and decorations, and a great movie! Reservations will be required for this event and will be taken starting February 1st!

February 10, Family Fun Friday at the YMCA in Concord. Swimming, rock wall climbing... games and activities! A whole family for $15 (Including dinner!!!! What a great way to spend time with the family!

Thomas the Train train ride tickets are already on sale for this summer!

Check out this children museum in Conway.

Nashua, February 25, Lil' Iguana's Family Fun Day.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Very Best Experience Gift.... EVER! (Part Deux)

Yesterday, I gave you the best experience gift idea ever. After sharing my cheap dates, I promised to give you some ideas for more expensive options. They might include (but are not limited to)...

Standard date options:
• Get a regular old Regal movie theater gift card, or step it up a notch to a nice local theater (in Concord we have the Red River Theatre that show great independent films.)
• A gift card to you favorite restaurant for dinner (or breakfast or lunch)
• Gift card to a local performance arts center (This is where I got tickets to see a comedian at the Capital Center for the Arts... the performances can vary widely.)
• Gift certificate to a local paint your own pottery studio.

A little more adventurous:
• Snow tubing.
• Gift certificate to get a nice photo together. Most of us get pro photos of our children but neglect to get great photos of us with our significant others.
• Sign up to take an art class together.
Train ride to highest peak in New England.

Honestly, I could go on forever... there is so much fun stuff to discover here in NH. I have linked to things close to me in Concord, but you should use Google to find venues closer to your own area.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Very Best Experience Gift.... EVER!

You really should bookmark this post (or Pin it, Or Stumble it...just make sure you can get back to it) because it is one of the best ideas I have ever had (and one of the best gifts I have ever given... you, know, besides life.)

What does the best gift in the world look like?

"That's it?"- you say. Yup. all wrapped up in a cute little book.... One Year of Dates.

I thought of this present for Christmas for my husband and started putting it together in October. Some dates are free:

Some were dates I actually purchased gift cards or gift certificates for:

It was fairly simple to put together. I grabbed a business card folio from Staples, as it would hold gift cards very nicely. I then joined every deal site in NH so that I could get some nice dates for cheap. This deal sites very often have restaurants, spas and adventures activities offered for at least 50% off for gift cards. With starting in October, I was able to take time to find some great dates at great prices. Some of my ideas were:

An indoor rock climbing adventure
A night out for sushi
A night at a local restaurant for dinner
Movie night
A night at a local theater to see a comedian.

...and many more free dates like a camping trip, a hiking trip, and an afternoon of snowshoeing.

I bring this idea up now because it was be sooo great for Valentines Day. Seriously. The recipient will think you are the best! It also makes a great birthday gift. You can even alter it for children. My daughters would love to get a year of dates with Mommy and Daddy. You can also make it a month of dates (one a week) a week of dates (one every night!) Really, you can be very creative and alter to suit the recipient.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

Cheap or free dates:
• A free outdoor concert or festival.
• Picnic under the stars.
• The great cookie hunt. (Go from bakery to bakery in town trying 1 cookie per stop and finding the very best cookie in town.)
• Walk down Main Street. Stop on each bench and sit for a few minutes and people watch. This is always good for a belly laugh.
• Camping trip or hiking trip.
• Photo adventure. Each person takes a camera and go some where you've never been. It can be urban, rural... anywhere. Model for eachother (that's always funny) try to take a lot of photos all from different vantage points.
• Act like art critics. Go to a local gallery or open house and critique the art together.
• Window shop... but make it interesting like heading down Route #4 (Antique Alley) and visit all of the amazing antique shops. You never know, you might find a treasure for near pennies and will really have a fun imaging where all those antiques have come from.)
• Camp in your backyard. Pitch the tent, start a fire, bring the marshmallows and cuddle under the starts
• Spend a day at the beach. Nothing says romance like a day of relaxation.
• After the kids go to bed, create a dinner on your back deck with candle light and all. (Feel free to even get late night dinner delivered so you can really relax and enjoy eachothers company.)
• Sing along. Either go to karaoke or play some Rock Band right in your won house. Letting loose and watching eachother belt out cheesey tunes is always good for a laugh.
• Cross country ski, snowshoe or ice skate together. If you don't have equipment, places like EMS typically rent these type of supplies... as well as your local Park and Rec department.
• Grab a coffee and go for a long drive. Pick out your favorite neighborhoods or houses. Or visit your hometown and recount stories as you pass by places remembered.

That is just a very small list... your imagination is the limit. But, your loved one will be so touched if you take the time to put the thought and effort in to create this wonderful gift.

Tomorrow, I will help you with some of the tad more expensive date ideas.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Use Your Google Reader to Read Your Favorite Blogs

(This is a tutorial from my personal blog as I thought my new readers here could use this useful information as well.)

Ok, I know that 95% of people who read this are quite adept at the internet and savvy using a reader or iGoogle. But this is a tutorial for my mom the other 5%. I realized when I inadvertently removed a friend from my blogroll and my mom someone said "I can't read XYZ blog anymore since you took the link off your blog" that there might still be people out there who don't use a reader. Maybe my mom people don't even know they exist.

Let me enlighten you. There is a way to gather all of the blogs that you like to read in one place so that you can read them all at once without navigating tons of blog pages... similar to reading a magazine. I use Google Reader. I also use iGoogle, which puts my Google Reader, Gmail inbox, calendar and other gadgets all on one page. This saves me clicking link after link every morning to read all my fave blogs, email and agenda for the day. The following is my first attempt at a tutorial. It will walk you through the steps to set up an iGoogle page complete with a Google reader.

Go to iGoogle. You should see a page something like this: Click on the 'Get Started' which should bring you here:
Choose your appropriate town, theme or interest and then click the "See your page" button.

You should get something that looks like this:

If you have a Gmail account, take this opportunity to sign in by clicking where I have put the red arrow. This will enable you to have your Gmail viewable every time you open your iGoogle. And then move on to the 'Add Stuff' button where I have the purple arrow.

This is where you will be able to add a Google Reader gadget. Type 'reader' into the search bar here where I have put the red arrow:

Your search will bring this up: Click on the Google Reader where I have put the red arrow.

That will add a Google Reader gadget to your iGoogle homepage. Here is what mine looks like:

It is slightly different than yours since I have used the drag and drop feature to move my Google Reader and Gmail gadgets to the top of my page. If you then click on the 'Google Reader' tab, it will open Google Reader for you, which looks like this:

It will open up with a truncated version of all the articles/posts. If you click on the 'All Items' bold header, it will give you the full posts (if the writer provides full posts in the reader.) Like this: You are now able to just scroll down and read the newest posts from all your favorite blogs in one place, similar to reading a newspaper. If you want to go to the blog, just click on the bold name of the blog in the reader.

But wait. How the heck do I get blogs into my reader in the first place??? Well, when you are reading a blog that you like, look for a symbol like this: Click on it and it will bring up a choice of readers for you to add it to. In this case, you would want to choose the Google Reader. Most Blogger (or Blogspot) blogs have a subscribe button near the very bottom of the blog. Scroll down and you will see this:

Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)

There is no icon, just the text. Click on the text and it will again bring you to the subscribe option.

There you have it. If anyone does try this, please let me know if I got all the steps right or if I missed anything.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fun Friday Roundup

Let's just run a recap of this weeks Facebook updates... I will include links of things to do PLUS some great deals that I have come across...

First up, activities for this weekend around the state:
Check out White Park in Concord on Saturday for their winter carnival from 1pm-4pm.
Meet Mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie at the Children's Museum in Dover.
Winter Farmers Markets around the state.

Amazing deals for families:
1/2 off Granite State Gymnastics open gym in Bow and Hooksett.
Great Glen Trails in Gorham has 2 for 1 Fridays! (Snow tubing, snowshoeing and so much more!)

And the rest:
Some great Zumba and Yoga classes in Belmont.
Great free downloadable printables of winter activities to do with your kids.