Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finding Affordable Family Fun in NH

I recently had a friend ask, "How do you find all those cool activities you do with your kids AND how can you afford them?"

It simply breaks down to social media. I find everything via social media in one way or another. Let's look at it in 3 easy steps to find fun activities for your family and to afford said activities.

STEP #1: 'Like' every possible community organization that you can find on Facebook. Some specific to Concord, New Hampshire are:

Frugal Concord 
Concord Got Cool When You Weren't Looking
Concord Happenings with Jessica Fogg
Concord Rec Department
Main Street Concord   

You can start by 'liking' your local Chamber of Commerce or Main Street Association and then check out their 'Likes' and you should be able to get a variety of community advocating pages. Many communities offer a wide variety of free or really inexpensive activities throughout the year. We have been to a great National Night Out, free mini food fairs at the local co-op, animal festivals at a local school and so much more this year. There is a plethora of family events out there if you just find them. And I have found that Facebook and Twitter are the easiest way for me to find these events all in one place.

STEP #2: Subscribe to all of your local coupon sites (ala Groupon.) In my area alone, there are at least 5 great sites dedicated to offering deals for at least 50% off local attractions. I started by subscribing to Groupon... and not just in my area but the Portland, Maine and Boston, Mass Groupons as well. I have found that NH businesses will often offer deals in the surrounding states to entice tourists. Other options in NH:

Living Social (also have nationwide deals)
New England Perks
Viva Manchvegas Deals
NH Daily Deals

Those are just a few in my area. A little Google search should turn up a few good choices for you.

STEP #3: Make sure to heed my advice and ask for or give experience gifts. Experience gifts for your family from grandparents or other relatives makes family outings all year way more affordable (while cutting down the clutter of useless trinkets throughout your house.)

This year my family has gone to an indoor waterpark and had a wonderful stay in the attached hotel. We have enjoyed many visits to out local water park. We have enjoyed endless rainy days in the Children's Museum. Each girl has adored their movie theater dates with Mommy and Daddy afforded through gift cards from Grammie. I can not extol the virtues of these experience gifts enough.

Couple the experience gifts with the great deals from the coupon sites and then check your Facebook a couple of times a week, and you can certainly afford some wonderful adventures with your family all year long.

(This is a repost from my other blog as I am trying to move the relevant NH posts here.)

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