Thursday, January 12, 2012

Introducing... NH Mamas

This is it... the maiden voyage of my new blog: NH Mamas. I purchased this domain 3 years ago... and it sat lonely and unpublished... until now. I have dreamed of a collaborative blog for NH parents that we can come to for idea sharing, inspiration, reviews and so much more. Other regions of the country have parenting blogs that really showcase what their communities are about, where parents can find out about what's going on, where to take their kids for fun, how to save money on local adventures... and so, SO much more.

And this is the place. This is where the magic will happen. I am collaborating with a lot of other local mothers who are willing to share their views, their expertise, and their own blogs. You will be able to come to this blog and find out what's going on... where it's going on... and whether it is worth the trip to get there.

We will also share some frugal tips, some crafty tips, some recipes, some fashion ideas... and whatever strikes our fancy on that particular day.

So, bookmark us, Like us, follow us... do what you gotta do to keep up and let the adventures begin...

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