Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Very Best Experience Gift.... EVER!

You really should bookmark this post (or Pin it, Or Stumble it...just make sure you can get back to it) because it is one of the best ideas I have ever had (and one of the best gifts I have ever given... you, know, besides life.)

What does the best gift in the world look like?

"That's it?"- you say. Yup. all wrapped up in a cute little book.... One Year of Dates.

I thought of this present for Christmas for my husband and started putting it together in October. Some dates are free:

Some were dates I actually purchased gift cards or gift certificates for:

It was fairly simple to put together. I grabbed a business card folio from Staples, as it would hold gift cards very nicely. I then joined every deal site in NH so that I could get some nice dates for cheap. This deal sites very often have restaurants, spas and adventures activities offered for at least 50% off for gift cards. With starting in October, I was able to take time to find some great dates at great prices. Some of my ideas were:

An indoor rock climbing adventure
A night out for sushi
A night at a local restaurant for dinner
Movie night
A night at a local theater to see a comedian.

...and many more free dates like a camping trip, a hiking trip, and an afternoon of snowshoeing.

I bring this idea up now because it was be sooo great for Valentines Day. Seriously. The recipient will think you are the best! It also makes a great birthday gift. You can even alter it for children. My daughters would love to get a year of dates with Mommy and Daddy. You can also make it a month of dates (one a week) a week of dates (one every night!) Really, you can be very creative and alter to suit the recipient.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

Cheap or free dates:
• A free outdoor concert or festival.
• Picnic under the stars.
• The great cookie hunt. (Go from bakery to bakery in town trying 1 cookie per stop and finding the very best cookie in town.)
• Walk down Main Street. Stop on each bench and sit for a few minutes and people watch. This is always good for a belly laugh.
• Camping trip or hiking trip.
• Photo adventure. Each person takes a camera and go some where you've never been. It can be urban, rural... anywhere. Model for eachother (that's always funny) try to take a lot of photos all from different vantage points.
• Act like art critics. Go to a local gallery or open house and critique the art together.
• Window shop... but make it interesting like heading down Route #4 (Antique Alley) and visit all of the amazing antique shops. You never know, you might find a treasure for near pennies and will really have a fun imaging where all those antiques have come from.)
• Camp in your backyard. Pitch the tent, start a fire, bring the marshmallows and cuddle under the starts
• Spend a day at the beach. Nothing says romance like a day of relaxation.
• After the kids go to bed, create a dinner on your back deck with candle light and all. (Feel free to even get late night dinner delivered so you can really relax and enjoy eachothers company.)
• Sing along. Either go to karaoke or play some Rock Band right in your won house. Letting loose and watching eachother belt out cheesey tunes is always good for a laugh.
• Cross country ski, snowshoe or ice skate together. If you don't have equipment, places like EMS typically rent these type of supplies... as well as your local Park and Rec department.
• Grab a coffee and go for a long drive. Pick out your favorite neighborhoods or houses. Or visit your hometown and recount stories as you pass by places remembered.

That is just a very small list... your imagination is the limit. But, your loved one will be so touched if you take the time to put the thought and effort in to create this wonderful gift.

Tomorrow, I will help you with some of the tad more expensive date ideas.

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