Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Tubing at Great Glen Trails in Gorham

I had the pleasure of actually enjoying some snow last Friday. I had to drive up to Gorham to do it... but it was worth it.

I took my 6 year old up to try to snow tubing at Great Glen Trails. Great Glen is well know for their cross country skiing trail and snowshoeing, but everyone I told I was going tubing there said, "They do not have tubing."

Well, they do, but in all fairness it is not snow tubing like I am accustomed to on downhill ski mountains. It is more like sledding... it is a small hill and you have to pull your tube back up to the top.

But we had a blast. We were the only people on the hill, the weather was amazing, and the views from the base of Mt. Washington are simply breathtaking:

Because it is really just a sledding hill, I would not take my whole family and pay the $15 per person fee, but it was well worth taking my 6 year-old on the 2-for-1 Friday and paying $7.50 for each of us. I would say that it is perfect for 5-6 year-olds. It was just big enough for them to feel adventurous, but not so big that it was intimidating. I would even bring my 3 year old as I know she would love going down the big hill. And the tubes they provide are sturdy and deep enough to hold a child in securely. However, be aware, if your 3 year-old is anything like mine, you will be stuck pulling them back up the hill constantly as they might not like the trek up.

We will be back. I am really excited to try the SnowCoach that takes you 4.5 miles up Mt. Washington and then gives you a chance to snowshoe or ski the road back down. Or I would just simply like to snowshoe around those gorgeous trails and take in the sights.

The 2-for-1 Friday also covers Trail passes, SnowCoach, rentals…even the Trails Total Ticket! So, if you are headed that way, make it on a Friday and you will get a great deal and likely no big crowds to contend with.

(Thanks to my sister-in-law and niece for joining us and making such a great day of it. Family fun at it's finest with the mountains, sunshine, fresh air and laughs.)

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