Founder and Editor: Michele Horne

NH Mamas.com was created in 2012 as a necessary resource for NH parents looking for local activities and a community to share ideas on whats fun and interesting for NH families.

Michele created her own blog, ayummymommy.com in 2007 as a way to communicate with like-minded parents. She concentrated on crafts, local events, humor in the things that her children say and do and, basically, anything that came to her mind.

In attending blogging events, Michele admired the parents in other areas of the country that seemed to be collaborating to create bigger and more encompassing blogs for parents to turn to for ideas and inspiration. ALthough New Hampshire has many fantastic blogs for parents, there is no 'one-stop' site where we all can come together... and so NHMamas.com was born.

Michele loves in the Concord area with her supportive husband, Colby and three amazing daughters: Ariana, Annika and Acadia. Her family lives simply while trying to find all the adventures, laughter and fun life has to offer.

Contributing Writers:

Cheryl writes at Live Fit Daily, where she shares tips on achieving and maintaining a fit life. There you'll find news, thoughts and stories about eating well, exercise and wrangling your hectic life into submission. She recently moved her VERY Southern family to New Hampshire and can currently be found at 

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